Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Well I really did not see that one coming (well to be honest I did as Boston breakers is one of the best teams in the NWSL league but I did expect a win but I guess I didn't expect such a big victory that's all) as Boston Breakers won against northeastern uni 6 nil.. in a really good game but Boston Breakers were able to score 5 of there goals in the last 35 minutes which was the extraordinary thing id say! I have forgotten exactly who scored all the goals just because there were so many but if my memory serves me right Devanna who has just been with the team for a only a few days scored pretty much straight away I think which is so cool and says a great deal.. and it looks as though even with so many new players Boston breakers are coming together as a strong side. So I think I know who will win the league at the moment... GO BOSTON!!!

Though it has gotta be mentioned that it is only some minor uni team so nothing special but lots of goal is always really good who ever you are against and should help boost Boston's moral!!

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