Friday, 14 March 2014

Cured my plantar fasciitis

 In no time at all my plantar fasciitis is cured how great is that... I got it after going out running and while I was running my feet started getting more and more sore but I just carried on running and ignored it than at the end I ended up pushing my plantar fascia's on my feet to far and got PF.

So thanks mostly to some advise form WPS I finally managed to sort out my plantar fasciits and after two weeks of getting it what I did was not to stand or walk at all and that seemed to do the job and now it is healed which is great news, but what I read from wps is that you are meant to wear some good insoles even after you have recovered to ensure that the underlining cause which is usually inflammation caused by poor fitting shoes not giving you the right arch support so I am getting some of these insoles to stop this ever happening again... good idea right?

I think that inflammation is caused by overuse... so I guess you carnt win not exercising and you carnt win either if you do exercise..... hmm but hopefully next time I do decide to go out jogging Il see if insoles do help.. Il post another post if they work or not.. I am still on the bench as to whether I should pick up some custom made insoles or not.. what do you guys think?

Update: I ended up getting some cheap off the shefl ones and these sure are comfy and support me just right I think that custom ones are a little bit of a scam really as mine seem to adapt to my feet shape so I dont need custom built ones. Been out running in them and usually when I used to run my feet would ache and get sore afterwards but this wasnt the case this time I didnt feel anything during or after my run which is super!

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