Friday, 14 March 2014

WPSL to have even more teams this season

Well I was reading a post on wps today that said the the wpsl basically has 17 new teams for this 2014 season coming up... now in anyone's book 17 new teams is a lot.. though they aren't all professional and the Boston Breakers that have said will be just the reserve team but nonetheless I think womens soccer is definitely on the up.. I wonder how much these professional players actually get paid... they are meant to get paid a pro wages but I dont know how much that actually is... I doubt it is THAT much.... I bet nowhere near the mens wages in Europe that can be £100k a week for top top players.. and that doesn't include sponsors. Read the post here..... basically it tells you a little bit about all the team... I would do the same but I really have no time for that. sorry. Its good to see womens soccer expand!!!!!! so good for the wpsl I say!

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